There are many things that you should know about the month of November and December. And today we are going to discuss these things. The topics we will discuss in this article are; What are zodiac signs, what are the upcoming holidays, monthly calendar template, etc. In this article, you will also find some unique templates of the November December 2020 calendar. The best thing about this type of calendar template is that you can print two months at once on the same sheet. This will help you make a plan for both months (November & December) instead of planning for one month separately.

Moreover, you will like this article because here you will also find different types of calendar templates. The most popular calendar these days is the black and white printable calendar which can be easily customized by the users. In offices, these calendars are very useful for planning for employees.

2020 November December calendar printable template

The other type of template is a colorful calendar that gives the template an attractive look. Here we are sharing different templates for both months (November and December). These cute calendars can also be shared on Pinterest, Tumblr, Weheartit, and other social media platforms. This will help your friends and followers to get these cute calendars for free.

November December 2020 Calendar Template

Cute November 2020 calendar template

Cute December 2020 calendar template

So print these above calendars right now and start using it in your work to manage things for your better results. In addition, here is some other information that is available for these two months (November and December). We are going to discuss the zodiac of November and December.

There are different zodiac signs for different months that come in the year. Zodiac signs are twelve astrological signs which help in predicting the future or even knowing about the nature of an individual. Both the months of November and December have their own zodiac signs depending upon how many people were born under them. Till the mid 20th of both the months the signs are different whereas after 20th and with the start of the 21st of both the months the signs change into two different ones.

Month of November

November is the eleventh month of the year which comes in between the month of October and the month of December. It is really of great importance to know about the signs under which a person is born to predict the future depending upon the past instances of the past signs which have its own significance. There are two Zodiac signs which come under the month of November firstly being Scorpio and the second one is Sagittarius. Both of these signs have different meanings and different special significance or symbolic meanings.

The Zodiac symbol of scorpions is Scorpion. The personality of scorpions is referred to as that they are emotional people with deep meaning and scorpions are known for their power sign due to them having strong relationships in the matter of friendship or any other relationship. They are really powerful in the matter of intensity which makes them stand apart from everyone.

On the other hand, if we see the Sagittarius people they are more optimistic and adventurous in terms of their nature, and personality-wise they are restless progressive and it usually somewhat bossy into any known relationship. They are known for being confident and leaders for future generations.

Month of December

December is the last month of the year which consists of 31 days and includes the ending of the year with a positive note to celebrate the special day which is the eve of the new year. It even includes the biggest festival of all times which is Christmas is celebrated around the world with great enthusiasm and passion among the people.

December month constitutes of two zodiac signs which have their own significance based on their personality traits. The two zodiac signs which come under the month of December are Sagittarius which comes till 20th December and after which from 21st December till the end of December is Capricorn. People who are born and the sign Sagittarius are very optimistic, passionate and a little bossy towards the other people and a known for their confident nature and giving personality.

Sagittarius born people are hilarious and fun-loving people who make others happy by cracking their own jokes as this zodiac sign is known as the most optimistic sign out of all. Sagittarians are usually honest and intellectual means love the freedom and do not compromise it for anything in this whole world.

The next sign which comes under December month is Capricorn. Capricorn is the tenth zodiac sign out of all XII zodiac signs. Capricorns are known as ultimate workers who worked very hard throughout the year to reach their goals and to achieve greater heights in their lives. They are high achievers goal-oriented and practical people who you are mostly concerned about the career rather than any priority possible.

Monday Start Printable Calendar

November December calendar 2020 Monday start

In addition, print a two-month calendar template and it is starting on Monday and is also known as Monday Start Calendar. We always share images that are available here for free. These images are mostly available in JPG and PNG formats. Contact us for some other formats like Excel, PDF, and Word.

Now print this “two-month calendar November and December 2020” and please share your feedback about our templates too.

November December 2020 Sunday start calendar

Holidays and Observations

We have discussed a lot about the zodiacs of two months i.e. November and December. Now you should know about the important festivals and holidays that are to be celebrated in these two months. It is true that these are the last two months of the year but both months are the most awaited throughout the year. The only reason behind this is that some big international festivals are celebrated in these two months. Here is a list of holidays and special days that will be celebrated in November and December 2020.

03 November Election Day USA
05 November Guy Fawkes Day UK
08 November Remembrance Sunday UK
11 November Veterans Day USA
11 November Remembrance Day CANADA (Many regions)
11 November Remembrance Day AUS
26 November Thanksgiving Day USA
27 November Black Friday USA
30 November St Andrew’s Day UK (Scotland)
December 11 Anniversary of the Statute of Westminster CANADA
December 24 Christmas Eve AUS
December 24 Christmas Eve CANADA
December 24 Christmas Eve USA
December 25 Christmas Day AUS
December 25 Christmas Day CANADA
December 25 Christmas Day UK
December 25 Christmas Day USA
December 26 Boxing Day AUS (Many regions)
December 26 Boxing Day CANADA (Many regions)
December 26 Boxing Day UK
December 28 Bank Holiday UK
December 31 New Year’s Eve AUS
December 31 New Year’s Eve CANADA
December 31 New Year’s Eve USA

The above list shows the list of holidays and observances in some of the most popular countries around the world. You can download this holiday list and share it with your friends. Now, check out this free blank November December 2020 calendar with notes. Note sections can be used for many purposes. Here in the notes section, you can add anything about your daily schedule.

November December Calendar 2020 with Notes

November December 2020 calendar with notes

The above templates are ready to print online and we have some other templates that we have already shared in this blog. You can also download a blank monthly calendar template and create your own custom calendar. Also, if you are looking for templates that can help you to make your weekly plans in a proper way then you can download our weekly planner templates.

Apart from this, the new year is also going to start soon and you may be looking for a 2021 calendar template. If this is true then you can get all these on this website. You can also download the January and February 2021 calendars from the link below.

November December 2020 January February 2021 calendar printable

The two-month calendar November December 2020 template is shared above and if you want to get only one month calendar for the months of November or December, visit the links below –

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