Printable Calendar January February 2021

Two month calendar template is the best known for various purposes, starting from making notes to marking some important dates. It is really beneficial for every generation to use. Our team has provided various templates of two month printable calendar January February 2021 for you all. There is space given in the box of each date, to be used to write notes onto it. Also, there are some templates that have a separate area where you can easily write notes. You will find all the templates in this post.

The two month calendar has many more benefits to be traced. It tells about all the important events that come in the two months of January and February. Such as holidays and the number of Sundays which follow.

January February 2021 Calendar Printable

Print this free calendar template to get information about two months i.e. January and February 2021. This template is very easy to understand and can be used for various proposals. You can create a month planner using this template. In addition, it serves as a reminder to remember upcoming events and holidays.

Printable January February 2021 calendar template

January Month

The month of January is the first to come in a year. It is full of enthusiasm and spirit being the starting of the full year ahead. People make resolutions in the month of January to follow the upcoming months. There are various resolutions made up by people, like –

To be productive, To study, To quit any bad habit, To start having a peaceful life, To go for a walk daily, To lose weight, To gain muscle mass, To eat healthy food, To control anger . . .

Cute January 2021 calendar template

These are few but there are many more resolutions people make to follow. This brings a sense of responsibility in them to follow such resolutions. Mostly, researchers say that resolutions are broken but still, there are few people who keep it and achieve their target.

There even comes New Year in the month of January. On New Year’s Day, various ceremonies are performed. People wish each other through messages or go out for parties. Children are taught to pray for a good year ahead. Some people like to go to the church to celebrate the first day of the year.

February Month

The second month which comes in the year is February. It is also known as the month of love, due to a day that comes on the 14th of February, Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s day is said to be the most romantic day since ancient times. It was said that Valentine’s day is celebrated due to many hypothetical stories, which nobody knows is true or not. It is all a secret ever since.

The widely accepted story is that there was a boy named Valentine, who was taken behind bars for not changing his religion which was Christianity. He then fell in love with the daughter of the jailer, then one fine day he thought of proposing her by writing a letter to her and in the end, he wrote Your Valentine. Valentine’s Day has been celebrated since then.

Cute February 2021 calendar template

No one is sure of whether this story is true or not, but people still believe in it. On the day of Valentine, the couple buys gifts for each other. Go out for dinner or for movies. It is like the most romantic day of the year. There is a feeling of love everywhere. Even in the shops, there are things sold in the shape of the heart, such as cakes and candies or wrist bands, t-shirts.

All of this can be traced in the month of February, being the second month full of love and abundance of joy. It is well noted that most couples want to get married on this day, the sweetest day for marriage. According to a survey, people who marry on Valentine’s Day are less likely to divorce.

January February calendar 2021 with notes

List of Holidays

Date & Day Country Holiday & Festival
January 01, Fri USA, UK, Can, Aus New Year’s Day
January 04, Mon UK (Scotland) 2nd January (substitute day)
January 06, Wed Canada Epiphany
January 18, Mon USA Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 26, Tue Aus Australia Day
February 01, Mon USA First Day of Black History Month
February 02, Tue Can Groundhog Day
February 14, Sun USA, Can Valentine’s Day
February 15, Mon USA (Most regions) Presidents’ Day
February 15, Mon Can (Many regions) Family Day
  1. Aus= Australia
  2. Can = Canada
  3. USA = United States of America
  4. UK = United Kingdom

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So it was all about the first two months of the year and with this information, we have also uploaded printable calendar templates for January and February 2021. All templates are ready to print from here and if you are looking for excel or pdf files for all calendars, please contact us. Currently, you can only download PNG or JPG formats and for other formats, you will have to notify us via mail.

Recently we have also shared some amazing templates of the January February 2021 calendar. You can also view these templates and print or download any template among the list of templates.

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