Print two-month March April 2020 calendar printable templates via this post. This is a combined two-month calendar template and means that you can now print the March as well as April calendar on a single page. Here you can get different formats of calendar i.e. PNG and JPG and print or save the March and April calendar template image in any format.

We have shared some March April 2020 calendar printable templates below which differ in designs from each other. You can find that all templates differ in terms of font style. Likewise, the text positioning of the month names and dates also does not match each other. Printable calendars are available in various categories which we will explain further in this article.

March April 2020 calendar template Monday start
March April 2020 calendar template Monday start

Our team has done some research about the demand of users and we have also received some messages from our site visitors. After that, we came to know about the users’ choice. To meet the requirement of visitors, the templates are designed according to the demand. All images are editable and available for online print. If you want to add something to this March April 2020 calendar printable, download any template from the list and edit it. Customize your monthly calendar template and get it as per your requirement.

Print this – April May 2020 Calendar Template

March April 2020 Calendar Printable

Two month calendar template of March and April 2020

Usually, we provide an additional section in the template where the user can easily add or write anything. If you analyze the design of the template, you will come to know about the exact use of the calendar. Some templates have a notes section at the end or right side. This notes section is very useful for noting important points about the month. It can be used as personal or business activities. If we talk about the benefits of this feature, the first and foremost thing is that by using such a template, a person cannot forget to do important work. It helps the person to prioritize work or other activities accurately. If the plan is done earlier then the person cannot forget the compulsory work. In this way, better productivity can be achieved in any work.

March and April 2020 Calendar with Notes

March and April calendar 2020 with Notes
March and April calendar 2020 with Notes

Going further, the other main advantage of these calendars is that one can easily reduce the waste of time in certain tasks. The best plan always helps the person to have proper time management for all tasks throughout the day, week or month. Also, the birthday or anniversary date can be easily remembered using this notes-calendar template. If it is the birthday month of your loved ones then you should use this calendar to remember the date. First, download the template and write the important dates and then take a print out. Don’t forget to stick the printed page on the wall of your room. Although there are a lot of reminder applications on mobile phones, also it is difficult to stay connected to mobile phones all the time. We can say that this may be the best option rather than using reminder apps.

List of Holidays

March April 2020 Holidays in the United State of America –

03 March Super Tuesday
17 March St. Patrick’s Day
19 March March Equinox
29 March National Vietnam War Veterans Day
12 April Easter Sunday
13 April Easter Monday
13 April Thomas Jefferson’s Birthday
15 April Tax Day
23 April Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

In the United Kingdom, many holidays and festivals will be celebrated in March and April. Here is the list of March April 2020 holidays for the UK –

01 March St. David’s Day
10 April Good Friday
12 April Easter Sunday
13 April Easter Monday
23 April St. George’s Day

Before going further we will discuss more facts about these two months. The birthstone for March is Aquamarine while Diamond is for April. If we talk about the birth flower then Daffodil is the birth flower for March and on the other side Daisy and Sweet Pea are the April birth flowers. The real meaning of daffodil is a new beginning and prosperity. Daisy means purity and innocence while Sweet Peas signify blissful pleasure.

The third important fact about these two months is that they have different horoscopes. The birth signs associated with March are Pisces and Aries. For April, Aries and Taurus are the two zodiac signs associated with it.

Two Month Calendar March April 2020

Apart from this, some other important information about these two months is very important to know by our users. There are 31 days in March and 30 days in April. This year, March is starting on Sunday and April will start on Wednesday. Interestingly, in 2020 March will start from Sunday which is considered an official holiday in many organizations. And this time there will be a total of five Sundays in the calendar of March 2020. Originally, only four Sundays usually occur in a month and, fortunately, there will be an additional Sunday in March this year.

Also, the A4-sized calendar template of March-April 2020 is shared below. Scroll down and print out on A4 paper.

Printable March April calendar A4 size
March April 2020 Calendar Printable

We hope that all the templates have met your work requirements. And if there is still any requirement, please inform us as soon as possible. You can ping us via mail or by leaving a comment below. We have a CONTACT US page where you can give your feedback or suggestions freely. We will share more templates of the two-month calendar, so stay tuned with us.

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