January February 2021 Calendar Template – Holidays, Observance, Festivals

Before discussing both months (January and February) we would like to inform you about the benefits of using a two-month calendar. Here you can download the free printable template of the two-month calendar January February 2021. It can be used to plan together for two months i.e., January and February. In addition, you have the opportunity to print the calendar of these two months on one page. Apart from this, you will get information about the holidays occurring in these two months. So now you will get to know about each month and you can plan accordingly.

Two Month January February 2021 Calendar

January February 2021 calendar template

Let’s talk about the month of January – January is known as the first month of Gregorian and Julian calendar. These calendars have been used for ages by people to trace various dates. Julian Calendar was replaced by the Gregorian Calendar because of its simplicity. Julian calendar was basically made for the help of Greek astronomers whereas Gregorian one was made for the modern era. Thereby, getting the name of Western or Christian Calendar which is widely being used.  Gregorian Calendar is the calendar that we all use nowadays, also called by the name International Civil Calendar.

These calendars are used to get information about the number of holidays traced in the month of January. In the year 2021, there are five Sundays, therefore, having five holidays and even in addition to its various other holidays as well. All such holidays can be used to plan a month ahead. There are many planners provided to you from us which you can use to make your planner for the month of January by looking at the holidays that are there given in this calendar and plan your vacations in that manner.

Jan Feb Calendar 2021 with Notes

Month of January

January is the first out of the other seven months with 31days in total into it. January was so named after the Roman God Janus. The birthstone of people born in January is the GARNET. Garnet stone is found in different rainbow colors from orange to green. Besides this, the pyrope garnet is considered as the great gift of friendship as well as a trust if given it to someone close.

Here we have both types of calendar templates. This means that you can now print a two-month calendar template and a one-month calendar separately. It all depends on your choice, whether you need a month or two-month calendar template. Also, here you have a list of holidays which are going to come in the month of January.

US Holidays in January 2021

  • 01 January 2021New Year’s Day, 
  • 18 January 2021Martin Luther King Jr. Day

January February 2021 calendar with federal holidays

Month of February

The second month of the year is the shortest one out of all the other months. It consists of 29 days or maybe 28 days if there is not the leap year. In 2021, Feb begins on the same day as the first weekday of March and even November in the days when it has 28 days in its pocket. Apart from it when February is in the leap year stage it starts with the same day as on the first weekday of the month of August.

Here is a vertical printable calendar of two months, January and February 2021.

Two month calendar January February 2021

The people born in February are sincere with so much care. They care about their loved ones a lot and are even wisdom seekers. Most of the people born in February are seen to be spiritual beings with having humility in themselves. With pros come many cons, therefore February borns are very petty as well. They get angry soon.

The stone of the people born in the month of February is AMETHYST which is known to be a tranquilizer. It relieves people from inborn stress or pain. According to Vedic astrology, this stone is to be worn on the middle finger from whichever hand you mostly work with. This stone is purple in color. It even helps people to leave drugs or any other toxic substances like tobacco. Amethyst stone is better known for awakening spiritual intuitions and to balance the mood. It dissolves negative energy. As there is the good and bad effect of each thing present on this earth so does this Amethyst stone has. Its side effects include dizziness, weakness, vomiting, and the worst one acne.

Nevertheless everything, Amethyst is known to be “talisman of success” which brings creativity and clears focus of mind.

Valentine’s week list –

Check out the list of Valentine’s Week for those who are eagerly awaiting it.

07 February 2021 SUNDAY Rose Day
08 February 2021 MONDAY Propose Day
09 February 2021 TUESDAY Chocolate Day
10 February 2021 WEDNESDAY Teddy Day
11 February 2021 THURSDAY Promise Day
12 February 2021 FRIDAY Hug Day
13 February 2021 SATURDAY Kiss Day
14 February 2021 SUNDAY Valentine’s Day

So now we have discussed some special days of Valentines week and now we are going to discuss the official holidays and observances of the United States

US Holidays in February 2021

  • 01 February 2021: First Day of Black History Month,
  • 14 February 2021: Valentine’s Day, 
  • 15 February 2021Presidents’ Day

February is also known as the month of love as it is the most awaited month of a year. Some love days are celebrated by couples to spread love all over the world. It all starts from 7 February and continues till 14 February. The day of 14 February is called Valentine’s Day, it is celebrated all over the world. People give gifts to their loved ones and express their feelings of love. You can search for Valentine’s week on the internet where you will get very good information about these days. Apart from this, here we are also providing a list of the days which fall under Valentine’s week.

Full Valentine Week List

Nowadays everyone is busy making their way to reach their goals and a successful person always tries to find an effective way so that he can find the best direction in his professional life. This post will help every person in the society whether you are an MNC employee or a businessman. You should make a monthly plan to achieve your goals. And most importantly, you have to stick to it. Never forget your dreams because this is the only thing that can make you realize why you should focus on your goals. Download this January February 2021 Calendar with Notes to write down important points.

Two-month Planner Calendar

January February 2021 calendar with notes

On the other hand, it can be beneficial for school or college students, they can make their study plan using our template. We have already shared a blank monthly calendar which is the best source to create a study or exam schedule for the whole month.

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