In this post, we have shared the printable March 2020 calendar template and the list of holidays in the month of March. Important details about the month of March are shared in this post. Now stop searching on the internet about the month of March, because here we have provided enough information about this month. This simply means that you can get the calendar pictures of March as well as some other essential information about this month.

March is the third month in Julian and Gregorian calendars. The month consists of 31 days and in March this year, the month of March will start from Sunday and the last day of the month will be Tuesday. March 01, 2020 will start from Sunday while the end of this month i.e. 31 March will be on Tuesday. The good news about March 2020 is that there will be more than four Sundays in this month. In 2020, the months of March, August and November will have more than 4 Sundays. However, in other months such as January, February, April, May, June, July, September, October, December there will be only 4 Sundays. In addition, we would like to inform you that there will be a total of 29 days in the month of February this year as it is a leap year which comes after every 4 years.

There are more exciting facts about the March month but before discussing that we should share few unique March 2020 calendar images with you. Here is one of the finest designs of Printable March 2020 Calendar Template and you can print these on paper by using digital printers.

Printable March 2020 Calendar

Printable March 2020 Calendar PNG
Printable March 2020 Calendar Template

The March Calendar 2020 template can be used to set a desktop background and download these pictures via any electronic gadget such as mobile phone (Android, iOS, window), Apple iPhone, iPad, tablet, and laptop can be done. Moreover, this template is always ready to print and it can be used for various purposes. Apart from this, we have also shared March 2020 holidays calendar for US, UK, Canada, Australia and India. Feel free to print the March month calendar along with the list of holidays.

March 2020 Monday Start Template PNG
Month of March Calendar 2020 Template

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Holidays in March 2020

Date Some observances and holidays Country/Region
March 01 St. David’s Day (Wales) UK
March 02 Labour Day Western Australia
March 03 Super Tuesday US (Many regions)
March 09 Commonwealth Day Canada
March 09 Labour Day Victoria, Australia
March 09 Eight Hours Day Tasmania, Australia
March 09 Holika Dahana India
March 09 Hazarat Ali’s Birthday India
March 10 Holi India
March 17 St. Patrick’s Day US, UK, Canada
March 21 Harmony Day Australia
March 25 Chaitra Sukhladi India

Third Month of Year 2020 starting from Sunday

More interesting thing about this month is that the ‘March‘ is named after Mars the Roman god of war. In earlier Roman calendar, the March was the first  ever month and it was known as Martius. Many countries still celebrate their New Year in March.

Also know about the March birth sing, birthstone, birth flower –

What is zodiac birth sign of March?

  • Pisces (1-20 March)
  • Aries (21-31 March)

What is the birthstone of March?

  • Aquamarine

What is the birth flower for the month of March?

  • Daffodil

Now look at the second table, this is a list of the most famous celebrities who were born in the month of March. We have enlisted the help of some popular websites to create a list of famous celebrities from all over the world and collected all the details through Wikipedia. So you can check the following list and if you want to know about the any celebrity, then go and search it on Google. You can get detailed information about these celebrities with the help of Google or any other search engine.

Famous Celebrities Born in March

Name Birth Date Professions
Justin Bieber Mar 01, 1994 Singer-songwriter
Bryce Dallas Howard Mar 02, 1981 American actress, filmmaker
Jessica Biel Mar 03, 1982 American actress, model, producer, singer
Catherine O’Hara Mar 04, 1954 Canadian actress, writer, comedian
Eva Mendes Mar 05, 1974 American actress, businesswoman
Shaquille O’Neal Mar 06, 1972 American basketball player
Bryan Cranston Mar 07, 1956 American actor, director, producer, screenwriter
James Van Der Beek Mar 08, 1977 American actor
Oscar Isaac Mar 09, 1979 Guatemalan-American actor
Olivia Wilde Mar 10, 1984 American actress
Terrence Howard Mar 11, 1969 American actor, rapper, singer-songwriter, record producer
Aaron Eckhart Mar 12, 1968 American actor
William H. Macy Mar 13, 1950 American actor, director
Ansel Elgort Mar 14, 1994 American actor
Eva Longoria Mar 15, 1975 American actress, producer, director, activist, businesswoman
Lauren Graham Mar 16, 1967 American actress, author
John Boyega Mar 17, 1992 English actor
Lily Collins Mar 18, 1989 English-American actress, model, writer
Bruce Willis Mar 19, 1955 American actor, producer, singer
Holly Hunter Mar 20, 1958 American actress, producer
Scott Eastwood Mar 21, 1986 Model as well as an American actor
Reese Witherspoon Mar 22, 1976 American actress, producer, entrepreneur
Keri Russell Mar 23, 1976 American actress, dancer
Jessica Chastain Mar 24, 1977 American actress, producer
Elton John Mar 25, 1947 Singer-songwriter
Keira Knightley Mar 26, 1985 English actress
Mariah Carey Mar 27, 1970 American singer-songwriter
Lady Gaga Mar 28, 1986 American singer-songwriter
Ed Skrein Mar 29, 1983 Actor
Céline Dion Mar 30, 1968 Canadian singer
Ewan McGregor Mar 31, 1971 Scottish actor

Editable Printable March 2020 Calendar

Editable Calendar for March 2020
Customized March 2020 Calendar Image

Important Days in March 2020

Date Important Days
01 Mar Zero Discrimination Day
01 Mar World Civil Defense Day
03 Mar World Wildlife Day
03 Mar World Hearing Day
08 Mar International Women’s Day
13 Mar No Smoking Day
14 Mar Pi Day
14 Mar International Day of Action for Rivers
15 Mar World Consumer Rights Day
20 Mar International Day of Happiness
20 Mar French Language Day
20 Mar World Sparrow Day
21 Mar International Day of Forests
21 Mar World Down Syndrome Day
21 Mar World Poetry Day
22 Mar World Water Day
23 Mar World Meteorological Day
24 Mar World Tuberculosis Day
27 Mar World Theatre Day

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