This post is about the June 2020 calendar and we have shared some templates for the printable June 2020 calendar. In this article, we will discuss some interesting facts about the month of June.

Here you will also find some other information of June 2020 like holidays list for United States, United Kingdom, and Canada. Apart from this, details about upcoming festivals and events will also be shared with you. If you need a blank calendar template for June, please read the full article. So if you find a blank June calendar template in this post. First, download it through your device (computer, laptop, or mobile phone). After this, you can add some important information to this calendar with the help of your personal computer. Another way is to print this calendar on a paper by a digital printer machine. So you can add or write anything in the calendar to plan the month in a good way.

Printable June 2020 Calendar Template

Printable June 2020 calendar template free
Printable June 2020 Calendar Template

All the calendars on this page are downloadable and can be printed to perform certain tasks in organizations. These printable June 2020 calendar templates are also very useful for educational institutions. It can be used to prepare students’ examination schedules. Similarly, all these calendar designs provide assistance to institutions as well as organizations to do some important work.

Print – May 2020 Calendar Template

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Month of June calendar 2020 PNG format

It can be seen that there is sufficient time for the arrival of June month. And we are sharing with you the calendar of the month in advance so that you can make all your plans for the month of June. As we know, June is the sixth month of the year with 30 days in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. It is believed that ‘June‘ is named after the goddess Juno.

June 2020 printable calendar Monday start

Now, look at the list of holidays and observances in June 2020.

June 2020 Holidays List

Date Day Holidays Country
01/06 Monday Western Australia Day Australia
01/06 Monday June Bank Holiday Ireland
01/06 Monday Queen’s Birthday NZ
01/06 Monday Pancasila Day Indonesia
01/06 Monday Harvest Festival Day 2 Malaysia
02/06 Tuesday Gawai Dayak Holiday Malaysia
08/06 Monday Queen’s Birthday Australia
12/06 Friday Independence Day Philippines
13/06 Saturday Queen’s Birthday UK
16/06 Tuesday Youth Day SA
21/06 Sunday Father’s Day US, SA, Canada
21/06 Sunday National Indigenous Peoples Day Canada
  • US = United States,
  • UK = United Kingdom,
  • SA = South Africa,
  • NZ = New Zealand

Fathers Day 2020 in United States

Month of June

As we have discussed above ‘June’ is listed at number six in the calendar and it comes after ‘May’. Here’s a little more about June, which you should know.

  • Birthstone – Pearl, Moonstone, Alexandrite
  • Birth Flowers – Rose and Honeysuckle
  • Birth Sign – Gemini

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