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This is the month of January and here is the printable calendar template that you can print or download anytime. And the printable calendar will help you to organize your routine activities and reduce your workload. Here you will also get to know about the USA holidays and festivals in January month. Find the best monthly calendars from this post and start using the template to make your well-organized.

As we all know that a person always looks for the right path to start work and our calendar planners will help you to complete any task in very little time. According to experts, it is proven that a correct plan always gives high work efficiency.

All the calendars and planners are shared below and just scroll down the web page where you find the key to success. Along with the month of January calendar, you will also get a two-month calendar for January and February 2022. By this, you will get double benefit as you do not need to download both months’ calendars separately.

Apart from this, Year Calendar 2022 has also available to print online for free.

Printable Calendar January 2022 Template

Printable Calendar January 2022 Monday Start

Month of January

January is the first month of the year with 31 days in the Julian and Gregorian Calendars. It is usually believed that ‘January‘ is named after Janus for his ability to turn one face reflecting upon the past and yet another face contemplation of the future, but Juno was the guardian deity of the month.

January is derived from the Latin word ‘Door’ as it is the gateway to a New Year and a beginning of new revolutions. Originally, March used to be the first month in the old Roman Calendar.

In about 450 BC January replaced March and became the first month of the calendar under Numa or Decemvirs. January is also known as Wolf-month as January Full Moon is the Wolf Moon (Wolfs howl to communicate over long distances).

Days are embarked on lengthening once again. January is the heart of the winter most probably the coldest month within the Northern Hemisphere and it is the warmest month within the Southern Hemisphere.

Leland B. Jacobs had very well said “January opens the box of the year. It brings out days which are bright and clear.”

Everybody has some past moments accumulated in one’s present days. But a new beginning is always best as it prompts us to stack up the past moments and live the present fully unfolding these moments in our better future. So, January is the best motivation to take a step further with encouragement and say Hi to a new beginning.  January is the month of new hopes.

More printable calendars for January month –

January Calendar 2022 Sunday Start

Free Printable January 2022 Calendar Template Sunday Start

Little about January birth symbols:

  1. January Babies gemstone is Garnet (seed-like) which signifies eternal friendship and trust. Sow the seeds and nurture them throughout the year.
  2. Flower is Carnation (the rejoicing flower) which symbolizes innocence, faith, and hope.
  3. Zodiacs are Capricorn (until 22 Jan) and Aquarius (onward 20 Jan).

January February 2022 Calendar with To-Do List & Notes

Downloads and prints the January February 2022 calendar template, which has many benefits to a person doing any type of activity in the work area. You can also add to-do lists and important notes to this calendar. It simply means that you can keep track of your activities and important things throughout the month. It will also help you to add important dates like birthdays, anniversaries, events etc in the calendar.

Printable Calendar January February 2022 Template with Notes

Download this calendar in your gadget and mark important dates to complete the work on time. You can also customize the template as per requirement. Moreover, these pictures can also be shared on some social networking websites by mobile phone, laptop, or desktop. 

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